[digiKam] -- extracting jpegs from RAW

Tac Tacelosky tacman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 17:22:32 GMT 2018

I'm a bit confused about something, and hoping someone can help.

I read that saving RAW+Fine in the camera was a waste of space, because the
JPEG image is stored as a preview in the RAW file itself.

But I also read that the JPEG rendering in my Fuji x100 is quite good, and
is often better than "Save as JPEG" image I get when simply adding RAW
images to a queue as saving them as JPEGs in another folder.

So I'm either doing something wrong, or misunderstanding something.

I don't care much about the disk space, but it's a bit of a pain to have 2
images, displayed identically (the jpeg and the embedded jpeg preview) when
using digiKam to rate my images after import, when I'm trying to decide
what should happen next for each one.

And certainly I don't want to archive both the raw and jpeg if the jpeg is
indeed embedded in the file.

So the question is, can I extract the camera-rendered JPEG using DigiKam,
and would it be any different than storing the RAW+Fine or Raw+Normal?  Or
does digiKam render it's own JPEG file from the raw, based on the camera
settings (e..g while balance, constrast).

Should I be saving RAW+(Fine|Normal), or is that duplicating data I can
easily get.


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