Problem with failed login for upload/export to piwigo - solved

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Wed Feb 14 15:36:42 GMT 2018

I'm a very happy new Digikam user now that I have found out why the Export to
Piwigo (which had worked) started failing with a complaint about failed

The (or at least 'a') source of the problem seems to be that piwigo can have
orphaned photos and DK exporter doesn't like this. For example, (in PWG 2.9 
at least) when you delete an album the contained photos aren't deleted and
are 'orphaned'. There may also be other ways of creating orphaned photos in
PWG, or other ways the export to PWG fails.

Here's a way I found to workaround this problem:
1. Go into the Piwigo administration, Photos, Recent Photos
2. Add a filter, select predefined filter 'With no album (Orphans)'
3. Click 'Refresh photo set' to apply the filter
4. Click 'The whole set' to select all the orphan photos
5. Scroll to bottom of the page, click Action and choose an action  - I
chose 'Delete selected photos' (and then checked the 'Are you sure'
checkbox)  but you might want to choose 'Associate to album' (and choose an
6. Click Apply action

Now try the Export from Digikam again, it worked for me when I deleted the
orphaned photos :-)

The technical explanation seems to be:
Exporter logs in to PWG and queries for albums to populate the list in the
exporter, works fine
When you click Upload, the exporter asks PWG how many pictures it has - PWG
replies with the total number of images it has including orphaned images
Then the exporter checks the status of the last image (from the total number
of images) but PWG doesn't want to acknowledge that this image exists
perhaps because it is an orphan so replies with a 404, and the exporter
gives up at this point.

FYI I found this out using Fiddler to trace the http communication going on
between digikam exporter and PWG.

To fix this, maybe PWG should be more sensible about reporting the number of
images, perhaps report the highest number which DK should check, and/or the
DK exporter should be more generous about accepting that a 404 on a
pwg.image.getinfo call isn't necessarily a complete failure and go ahead and
try the upload.


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