Problem with failed login for upload/export to piwigo - solved

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at
Wed Feb 14 19:46:08 GMT 2018


Thanks for this report.

I recommend to add an entry with your feedback to the bugzilla section,
where the original Piwigo tool developer is in CC by default. Like this we
have a safe trace of your feedback, and he can comment properly this tip.

Look here :


Gilles Caulier

2018-02-14 16:36 GMT+01:00 barny451 <ian at>:

> I'm a very happy new Digikam user now that I have found out why the Export
> to
> Piwigo (which had worked) started failing with a complaint about failed
> login.
> The (or at least 'a') source of the problem seems to be that piwigo can
> have
> orphaned photos and DK exporter doesn't like this. For example, (in PWG 2.9
> at least) when you delete an album the contained photos aren't deleted and
> are 'orphaned'. There may also be other ways of creating orphaned photos in
> PWG, or other ways the export to PWG fails.
> Here's a way I found to workaround this problem:
> 1. Go into the Piwigo administration, Photos, Recent Photos
> 2. Add a filter, select predefined filter 'With no album (Orphans)'
> 3. Click 'Refresh photo set' to apply the filter
> 4. Click 'The whole set' to select all the orphan photos
> 5. Scroll to bottom of the page, click Action and choose an action  - I
> chose 'Delete selected photos' (and then checked the 'Are you sure'
> checkbox)  but you might want to choose 'Associate to album' (and choose an
> album)
> 6. Click Apply action
> Now try the Export from Digikam again, it worked for me when I deleted the
> orphaned photos :-)
> The technical explanation seems to be:
> Exporter logs in to PWG and queries for albums to populate the list in the
> exporter, works fine
> When you click Upload, the exporter asks PWG how many pictures it has - PWG
> replies with the total number of images it has including orphaned images
> Then the exporter checks the status of the last image (from the total
> number
> of images) but PWG doesn't want to acknowledge that this image exists
> perhaps because it is an orphan so replies with a 404, and the exporter
> gives up at this point.
> FYI I found this out using Fiddler to trace the http communication going on
> between digikam exporter and PWG.
> To fix this, maybe PWG should be more sensible about reporting the number
> of
> images, perhaps report the highest number which DK should check, and/or the
> DK exporter should be more generous about accepting that a 404 on a
> pwg.image.getinfo call isn't necessarily a complete failure and go ahead
> and
> try the upload.
> Barny
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