Caption/tag hierarchy issue

Richard B. Emerson svowtw at
Sun Feb 11 19:04:53 GMT 2018

Ah hah!! It's the Toggle part that I missed. Toggle>Parents does the job
very nicely. My guess is that, at some point, I typed a "T" at the wrong
time and accidentally broke the toggle setting I want.

Great thanks for your help and patience. :)

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 12:51 PM, Remco Viëtor <remco.vietor at>

> On dimanche 11 février 2018 17:54:00 CET Richard B. Emerson wrote:
> > A tickler regarding an earlier, unanswered post:
> >
> > Picking a real situation from my collection of tags: I created
> > /US/Florida/St. Augstine and /US/Florida/Miami (obviously Miami & St.
> > Augustine are under FL). But some of my photos are from Who-knows-where,
> > FL. What I want to do is simply use /US/Florida. I'll fill in where in FL
> > as soon as I figure where the photo(s) were taken. But! What happens
> when I
> > choose FL is both St. Augustine and Miami are selected. De-select St.
> > Augustine and/or Miami and the entire hierarchy is de-selected. How do I
> > select only /US/Florida?
> Your previous post about *tags* got answered, and you acknowledged the
> answer.
> Your followup about *captions* went unanswered, probably /because it
> doesn't
> make sense/:
> Captions are /free text/, no option to click on any kind of hierarchy, let
> alone getting lower branches included; that behaviour is only possible for
> *tags*
> Btw, in that right-click (context) menu, use the last option "toggle auto"
> and
> make sure you select 'none': only clicked tag will be toggled.
> Or you could pick 'parents', in which case all tags leading to the selected
> tag will be toggled as well, i.e. in your /US/Florida/Miami exemple:
> if you click Florida:
> toggle auto:none => only the "Florida" tag will be toggled
> toggle auto:children => "Florida", "Miami" and "St. Augustine" will be
> toggled
> toggle auto:parents => "US" and "Florida" will be toggled
> toggle auto:both => "US", "Florida", "Miami" and "St. Augustine" will be
> toggled.
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