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Sorry I wasn't able to read what is on your screenshots.
If you meant that the menu you see in digikam appimage and the menu you see in your file manager are different that is a case. Try typing "rawtherapee %F (or %U I don't remember exactly) in the menu.If you want to open rawtherapee in the terminal window you can type "(name-of-your-terminal-emulator) -(execute command) /path/to/rawtherapee %F or %U for example for xterm the command would be "xterm -e rawtherapee(or /path/to/rawtherapee) %F(or %U)"
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> Have you tried to set up the shortcut in your OS settings?

No because it doesn't come from the OS.

In Thunar (my file browser) I get:

In DK, I get:

Which also has a bunch of stuff that is not related to .cr2 extension
like gvim/emacs/mousepad: editors, mupdf/qdfview: pdf viewers,
transmission: torrents

and I don't know how to pass the parameters of the filename+path from
DK to rawtherapee ...

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> On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 6:32 PM, <digikam at> wrote:
> > DK 5.7.0 app
> >
> > How can I set some shortcut?
> >
> > Right click > Open With > and select my raw processor
> > (rawtherapee)...
> >
> > 1. Settings > Shortcuts doesn't seem to have the Open with command
> > 2. The order of the list changes on regular basis from 3rd row to
> > second from the bottom and sometimes it's in the middle
> >
> > --
> > sknahT
> >
> > vyS


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