Possibility to "undo" in Album view?

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Thu Oct 12 10:33:55 BST 2017

Good morning everybody,

Is there a possibility to undo an action (like e.g. rating a selection 
of images) in Album view?

If so, how?
If not, is this something desirable for other people, too, and should I 
file a wish? Or is this something that would be too complicated to realize?

Let me know :-)


(sample, why I would love to have such a feature:

- From a photo session I select images giving them stars
- then I filter to see only those with one star
- I select them all to copy them to somewhere else,

- BUT, for stupid accident, I click on the star, and - wham! - all my 
1-star-rated photos are unrated

It is my fault, of course, that I have to start the rating again from 
scratch, but it would be fantastic if digikam could help such awkward 
users like me and just undo that action, in this case, undo the 
mass-rating and restore the rating I had before...

As there are so many possible actions in album view, up to 
copying/moving images to other folders and the like, I have no idea if 
it is somehow possible to have an undo-function here, but if: wow, that 
would be fantastic :-)
Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Barcelona

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