copy labels from jpg to raw

Andreas T. Ege andreas at
Sun Oct 1 23:08:56 BST 2017

Hi there,

is there a way to automatically copy labels from jpg (png, tiff...) to
corresponding raw files?

I shoot in raw & jpg, my workflow starts with going through the jpgs,
deleting the ones I don't like and marking the ones I want to process
further. Then I delete the raw of images I'm happy to just keep the jpg
as a simple snapshot and keep only the raw where I marked the
corresponding jpg and process them further.
This process would be much faster (and less error prone ;-) ), if I
could just tell digikam "copy all labels from jpg in this album to
corresponding raw in same album".

I only found one discussion involving sync database to metadata, using a
script to copy jpg.xmp to raw.xmp, then sync metadata to database from
Which, for my purpose, seems a bit overboard.


Andreas T. Ege

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