unconfirmed people

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 10:29:37 BST 2017

Hi all

I'm running "face detection" and I would like to know how can I retrieve 
easily the unconfirmed faces.

in the people view I have a list of people I have created with a cerain 
numbers of pictures that I have already confirmed, but with unconfirmed 
pictures in it. some of them are true and I can confirm and some other 
are misplaced and I'm wondering how to preceed:

- should I click on the red buttom just on the right of "confirm" 
button?  what is the consequence ?

- should I put the right name here , but in this case this new name 
becomes the default name of all the pictures.

I have aslo an unknown folder with thousands of pictures.

I notice that once I put a different name in the picture than the 
default one, it becomes the default name for all the pictures (whatever 
was the face detectection results). Is it a normal behavior ?

thanks for advice


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