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You might also want to try a different approach:1. Turn on Lazy synchronization 2. Use pick labels e.g. "Rejected" (Alt + 1) instead of DEL 3. When done you can filter the rejected images using the search tab in the right panel and delete them.
I find this workflow faster than usual deleting because physical removing files does take some time vs. applying a pick label which is almost instantaneous when lazy sync is ON. 

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> Try scrolling down to the very bottom of the albums list in the left 
> panel. You will see "Trash" folder there. 

yes, my problem was not that.

I was thinking there was one trash per folder. It's only one per 
collection, in fact.

My error come from the fact that I had a collection per year, and many 
years. Now that I grouped my albums under only one collection (and links 
inside), I have only two trash, one for remote collections and one for 
the local ones (work table), much more manageable.

I added the "delete" icon to my menu bar. Doing this I notice that there 
is a small difference between digikam and dolphin: in Dolphin I can have 
the "delete" option. Depending of the version it comes either when 
pressing shift or from the dolphin config and then in addition to trash one

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