Keyboard shortcut to remove an assigned "Pick"

Elle Stone ellestone at
Wed Nov 15 11:11:53 GMT 2017

This page:

says this:

To quickly remove a color label from a photo, press Ctrl + Alt + 0. The 
Picks feature works in a similar manner: you can assign one of three 
picks — Pending, Accepted, or Rejected — to any photo in digiKam via the 
Assign Labels -> Pick context menu, or using the default shortcuts.

The documentation says that to remove an assigned color label, the 
keyboard shortcut is "Ctrl + Alt + 0".

How does one remove an assigned Pick using the default keyboard 
shortcuts? The documentation doesn't list the actual keyboard shortcut 
for Picks - as far as I can tell from reading the page, it just says 
"similar manner".

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