32 bits digiKam bundles : still necessary ?

Tom Cunningham TWCunningham627 at outlook.com
Thu Nov 2 13:44:02 GMT 2017

As jdd points out, it would probably be good to give people a heads-up at least a year in advance (with reminders) before pulling support.  It's definitely the way things are going, so putting a stake in the ground shouldn't be a problem.

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>Subject: Re: 32 bits digiKam bundles : still necessary ?
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>Le 02/11/2017 à 11:52, Gilles Caulier a écrit :
>> An last point : 32 bits systems become less and less used. My 
>> viewpoint is to promote 64 bits instead now.
>> Users viewpoints are welcome.
>I know this is the road to the future, but 32 bits computers are still very numerous, it seems that there was 10 years ago a class of computers extremely strong, when I see how many are >still there.
>I even have on my desk a quite new (one year old) windows computer with
>64 bits processor... but a 32 bits windows, and reasonably fast, enough for digikam, for sure.
>I know openSUSE Tubleweed will keep a 32 bits version for some time, Ubuntu may have a 32 bits LTS, Debian I don't know
>if you could keep 32 bits for 2 years from now, I guess it could be usefull, but it may not be really important to ad new features to this version, only port the security patches
>thanks for the great work!!

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