MariaDB 5 and 10 on Synology NAS

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Thu Nov 2 07:18:54 GMT 2017

It appears to me that putting the collection path into the rc file would solve the location issue between Linux and windows. Assuming that it is practiable to put the path into the rc file, would associating the collection with the UUID also in the rc file solve the Framework issue? Would it then be possible to use the same UUID for a collection between the 2 operating systems?

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On 01/11/17 18:03, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> The Collection path is problematic as Linux and Windows are different on 
> this point. This is also a problem to solve (partially solved if UUID is 
> the same for both system).

And it is this point that means the collection path would be better 
placed in the rc file instead of the database. The collection path is 
specific to the local machine and as such should be in the rc file. This 
would make sharing the database across machines much simpler.

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