Upgrading DK DB 4.12 to 5.5 - paths and tags are lost

Peter Lavender plaven at internode.on.net
Sat Mar 18 05:29:54 GMT 2017

Hi Everyone,

I have a 4.12 sqlite DB that has tags etc against all the images.

On installing 5.5 from the PPA I've been trying to work out a few

Firstly, when I use the old 4.12 DB, the albumroots table has the text
encoding the for forward slashes. 

Two things here.  I can edit the albumroots table directly and dk 5.5
is OK that with the changes.  If I don't and then configure the new
collection I can't see any images.  

Secondly, I'm losing the tags from the images when I do a migration of
the database.  Now this could be something I don't need to do?

I wasn't sure if there was a schema upgrade, so I've tried a couple of
times to migrate the digikam4 db, however losing the tags is a bit of a


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