Digikam question

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Fri Mar 17 16:37:00 GMT 2017


I have a simple workflow, I just use meta + F4 to open raw files with DT from 
within DK. I just always open the raw file in DT whenever I need to export or 

I tend to mark images I want to keep with at least one star, so in DK, a 
filter of at least one star + jpeg will show exported files, while 1 star + 
RAW will show the original files I may want to work on.

Rating and tagging is a problem, because the two does not work togeater, so I 
copy metadata manually to exported files. Maybe using sidecar files in DK 
could solve that - I did not test that. 

There have been threads at the mailing list concerning this, since several DK 
users use DT as the prime editor.

CCing the list, since this discussion will fit well in there :)


fredag den 17. marts 2017 15.37.29 CET skrev du:
> Hi,
> In your usb hdd question on the mailing list you mention that you use
> darktable. I'm also a DT user.
> I was wondering, what's your workflow?
> * Raw v. jpgs?
> * How does DK deals with DT, since the changes do not affect the
>   files?
> 	* separate/archive of exported jpegs, then how does DK keeps
> 	  relates the jpgs to the raw?
> 	* ignore it completely?
> 	* ...
> sknahT
> vyS

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