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jdd jdd at
Wed Mar 15 08:20:36 GMT 2017

Le 15/03/2017 à 09:03, YGPC a écrit :

>  1. I managed to access my image folder on hard drive 01 (where the
>     images/photos are). System SSD is 00

no problem

>  2. However, I noticed there were TWO albums names "Photos" but the top
>     one was empty, so I moved all the sub-folders in the bottom Photos
>     to the top Photo's album

I don't understand why you do all this. First, did you notice it's you 
that gives the collection name?

My collections are sorted by date

and as my archives are also sorted by year, I have one collection for 
each year

it's recommended to have photos  only in subfolder, that is do not have 
in the same folder both images and folders, but I don't think it to be 

can you show screen copy of your setup? - you may use any cloud or


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