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Wed Mar 15 08:03:23 GMT 2017

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Prior to receiving your most recent email, I have studied more and this 
is the result:

 1. I managed to access my image folder on hard drive 01 (where the
    images/photos are). System SSD is 00
 2. However, I noticed there were TWO albums names "Photos" but the top
    one was empty, so I moved all the sub-folders in the bottom Photos
    to the top Photo's album
 3. I then shut down Digikam
 4. Then I checked the system drive and found;
    /home/ygpc/mnt/e196d759-b2c0-4cbb-9ac8-85f27190139a/Photos was
    empty, so I deleted it
 5. The deletion was it appeared, to be a mistake because when I
    restarted Digikam, it asked for a folder for images (words to that
    effect) soI closed down Digikam, copied the Photos folder back to
    restarted Digikam and I noticed, once again, two data folders
 6. I then went to Settings etc and this time removed the data folder of
    /home/ygpc/mnt/e196d759-b2c0-4cbb-9ac8-85f27190139a/folders, closed
    down and restarted Digikam and now have the one Photo's folder

This all seems very cumbersome etc., have I got it right or not

One thing I noticed, I added another sub-folder with image files to the 
hard drive 01 Photos folder but Digikam does not update this, even 
though I have this option to update on start up

Look forward to your further reply, many thanks (I also have version 5.5.0)

On 15/03/17 20:41, jdd wrote:
> Le 15/03/2017 à 01:16, YGPC a écrit :
>> Sent on:  15 March 2017, at 01:16 pm
>> Hi Andrew
>> I diduse the "Collection" way but all I go was the 'head" folder so to
>> speak, none of the sub-folders or individual photo/image files, any
>> suggestions on why this happened
> I have lot of photos on an external usb disk (5To) and it works, as 
> expected for subfolders
> but did you wait a bit after selecting the collection? scan is done 
> and thumbnails are created, that is pretty long the first time
> I use digikam 5.5.0 (appimage)
> jdd

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