"open with..." does not work for kuickshow, why?

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Sat Feb 25 14:45:53 GMT 2017


another small thing: I use kuickshow for various tasks, and I could 
always select one or more images in album view and then right-click and 
"open with... -> kuickshow".

Kuickshow still appears in the context menu (dk 5.3.0), but clicking it 
does just nothing. The other entries (gimp etc. work). Kuickshow works 
in all other surroundings (from dolphin, from command line, from 
desktop...). What can I do to start it successfully from digikam, too?

(Please do not rant about my use of a very old program like kuickshow; 
for me it is the perfect one for some work I often do and there is 
nothing that comes close to it for my personal purposes and likes)

Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Barcelona

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