Missing menus

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Feb 18 20:03:43 GMT 2017

Le 18/02/2017 à 20:47, Derek Keats a écrit :
> Everything except looking in /home/dkeats/.config/ I had already done.

so do :-)

> Started DK, same story, no menu bar on editor.

could you post, for example on http://www.cjoint.com/ a screen copy of 
what you call "menu bar"? thanks
> I tried editing the file digikamrc in  /home/dkeats/.config/ but I got
> the message
>     The file you opened has some invalid characters.

this could give a clue. It should be a simple text file. May some change 
in character set??

if you rename it and reload digikam, what happen?


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