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Derek Keats derek at dkeats.com
Sat Feb 18 19:47:22 GMT 2017

Everything except looking in /home/dkeats/.config/ I had already done. I
moved those files.
Just to be sure about permissions I did sudo chown dkeats:dkeats
/home/dkeats -R
Started DK, same story, no menu bar on editor.

I tried editing the file digikamrc in  /home/dkeats/.config/ but I got the

The file you opened has some invalid characters. If you continue editing
this file you could corrupt this document. You can also choose another
character encoding and try again.

I edited anyway, and changed MenuBar=Disabled to MenuBar=Enabled
[General Settings]
Application Style=fusion
Apply Sidebar Changes Directly=false
Clean core DB At Start=false
Height 1080=499
Icon Theme=

but that didn't do anything either. Same issue.


On Sat, Feb 18, 2017 at 9:12 PM, jdd <jdd at dodin.org> wrote:

> Le 18/02/2017 à 19:46, Derek Keats a écrit :
>> Yes, SHOULD! :)
>> But it seems like there might be an XML file that is supposed to be
>> created that is not being created. All that is needed is to figure out
>> why!
> going back some steps.
> from the gilles's post
> https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/digikam-users/2017-February/023827.html
> go to
> /home/jdd/.local/share/kxmlgui5/
> rename the digikam folder as digikam.1
> launch digikam and watch the given folder.  At a moment see digikam
> creates the digikam folder, obviously with the defaults.
> But digikam still know of my collections, so some config is elsewhere
> look in
> /home/jdd/.config/
> found three digikam related config files. renamed them
> when I start digikam it asks for a new config
> of course any rename was done with digikam closed
> does this solve your problem.
> is not may be some permission problem
> jdd

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