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Andrey Goreev aegoreev at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 14:24:04 GMT 2017

I am interested in a solution too.I think the only way is to delete tags from the database (there is such option in Tags Manager) and read metadata from files for selected images.
Attached is an example of xmp file F-Stop creates for video files.3 tags and rating of 4.Will digikam read it?
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Same question here. I use F-Stop Gallery on my Android to manage tags. Typical operations:

1. Copy untagged or partially images from my computer to my Android, to tag during idle periods (e.g. waiting in line).2. Tag them on Android. Most often I add existing tags, but sometimes I create new tags, remove some, or rename tags.3. Copy the images back to the computer, overwriting the original ones. I'd like digiKam to read the new tags from these images:a) add the new tags,b) rename the ones I've renamed - which I realize is tricky because photos outside of those I've copied to my Android may have the tags I had renamedc) delete the tags I've deleted - tricky for the same reason above.
So to Anders, how would you design the algorithm for updating tags?

On Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 12:59 AM, Anders Kamf <digikam at kamf.se> wrote:
What is the proper way to read metadata from file and replace the Digikam database metadata with the file metadata (for a small selection of pictures)?
My use case is that pictures on my server are updated with new or replaced tags. I need Digikam to reflect this change, i.e. remove existing tags for that picture from the database and read new ones from the file.
 “Read metadata from file to database” will append tags from file with existing ones. To manually remove existing tags from the pictures before “Read from file…” will not work since Digikam is (and in my case should be) set to write tags to file, hence the existing file metadata would be overwritten.
Today I do time consuming workarounds by renaming folders etc. making Digikam think it is new pictures. Is there a more proper way to achieve this? Any help is appreciated!

Best RegardsAnders

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