Sharing digiKam between Windows and Linux (no network, same machine)

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Fri Feb 17 10:36:06 GMT 2017

Hi there,

I've been using digiKam for Windows for a long but I find it quite slow and
buggy and decided to move to Linux, so I installed a virtual machine in the
very same computer and tried to access the very same DB and
storing-directories from both "sides".

But when I launch digiKam from Linux it tells me that it can't find the
location of the pictures. Once launched it displays stars, tags, and even
thumbnails but it can't open pictures, as it can't find them in the HD. My
guess is that digiKam can't find them because the information in the DB
regarding the location is Windows-styled, and those directories from Linux
are structured differently (ie: C:\fotos\ for Windows and
/media/sd_D_DRIVE/ for Linux).

Can someone point me how to setup the DB in order to be able to open
digiKam from Windows and Linux with the same config files? If possible...

If not, how do you recommend me to set everything up in order to be able to
open from both sides?

Thanks in advance.


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