Tags managing

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Feb 18 09:39:52 GMT 2017

Le 18/02/2017 à 10:33, Dan Dascalescu a écrit :

> b) rename the ones I've renamed - which I realize is tricky because
> photos outside of those I've copied to my Android may have the tags I
> had renamed

similar case come with online galleries. I share my photos on a Piwigo 
gallery as there it's sometime easier to tag, as all the photos are 
available at once, what is not the case on my digikam gallery (photos 
are on usb disk).

right now piwigo only stores tags on the database.

What I would like (and could do myself if time permits) is to share tags 
through xml sidecars, light and easy to share (when the complete gallery 
is pretty heavy)


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