Directories ignored by default

Jan Wolter jan at
Sun Feb 12 18:53:36 GMT 2017

Hello Digikam users,

I am working on a patch (see [1]) that let users configure which 
directories get ignored from the photo collection. Starting point for 
this feature was the behavior on Synology NAS: The system automatically 
creates in every directory a subdirectory "@eaDir" to store thumbnails. 
To avoid that digikam inserts the original photos and its corresponding 
thumbnails twice, it would be nice to configure directories that gets 
ignored automatically.

I extended the database configuration dialog [2] where users are able to 
define such directories. Gilles gave me feedback that it would be nice 
to define a set of directories (included in digikam core) that get 
ignored by default (of course, users are able to remove entries from 
default list).

My question to you are now: What directories do you wish to ignore in 
photo collections by default (alongside "@eaDir")? (Note: directories 
starting with a dot are ignored anyway independent of this patch)

Best regards,


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