How Do I Rename an Album ???

BuckSkin dmnmcg60 at
Sun Feb 5 19:12:49 GMT 2017

Thank you, Andrew.
It would be less confusing if DigiKam did not have so many names in
different places that mean completely different things.

I enter these folders as "collections", then they show up in the left
sidebar as "albums"

I guess the only way to rename these "collections" is to delete them in
"configure" and re-enter them again with the name I want.

I just hope I don't get confused and delete the actual folders from my

Due to this discussion, I have been reading in the PDF manual and it says to
right-click an album and choose "properties"

The only "albums" I see are the albums list in the left sidebar.

When I right-click any of these albums, which were "collections" when I
entered them in "configure", I do not get a "properties" choice; the choices
I get are "new", "open in file manager" and "open in terminal"

Thanks for reading.

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