How Do I Rename an Album ???

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at
Sun Feb 5 18:51:21 GMT 2017

On 05/02/17 16:07, BuckSkin wrote:
> This is what I did:
> Click settings > Configure DigiKam > Collections > Add Collection, at which
> point a browse-for-folder window appeared; I selected the folder I wanted,
> clicked "okay" in the little "this is how the folder name will display" box,
> clicked "okay" at the bottom of the configure window, and the folder shows
> up in the left side "albums" pane.
> Currently, I have about twelve "albums", each being the entire contents of a
> single folder that is on my hard-drive; later, I decided that it would be
> better if two of these "albums" had different names that would better
> describe what they were.
> The only way I have found to accomplish this is to delete the "collection"
> in settings>configure>collections and then enter the folder all over again,
> being sure to give it the correct name this time around; that method works,
> but is a whole lot of extra work/time.

OK, so what you are trying to do is to rename a Collection not an album. 
You have added multiple Collections. Albums would be the directories one 
level below these Collections.

Currently I see no way in digiKam to rename a Collection. Maybe you 
should enter a wishlist item in the KDE bugzilla for this.

digiKam expects you to enter the top level directory of all your images 
as a Collection. The individual directories below this top level 
Collection are the albums. Yes its a bit weird. digiKam is a bit 
schizophrenic in that it has large parts of its behaviour modelled on a 
file manager with the image management parts layered on top. However 
there are holes in the file manager part as you have discovered.


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