How Do I Rename an Album ???

BuckSkin dmnmcg60 at
Sun Feb 5 16:07:19 GMT 2017

I do not understand a lot of the terminology and have no idea what is meant
by "virtual album" or "tag album"

This is what I did:
Click settings > Configure DigiKam > Collections > Add Collection, at which
point a browse-for-folder window appeared; I selected the folder I wanted,
clicked "okay" in the little "this is how the folder name will display" box,
clicked "okay" at the bottom of the configure window, and the folder shows
up in the left side "albums" pane.

Currently, I have about twelve "albums", each being the entire contents of a
single folder that is on my hard-drive; later, I decided that it would be
better if two of these "albums" had different names that would better
describe what they were.

The only way I have found to accomplish this is to delete the "collection"
in settings>configure>collections and then enter the folder all over again,
being sure to give it the correct name this time around; that method works,
but is a whole lot of extra work/time.

DigiKam is a wonderful feature-filled program that could be the best there
is if good understandable instructions that explained every step in detail
from a complete beginner's point of view were available.
I very much appreciate DigiKam being made available for us to use.

Thanks for reading.  

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