Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

BuckSkin dmnmcg60 at
Sat Feb 4 03:22:00 GMT 2017

Maybe I am misunderstanding something; but, it is my understanding that there
is a pdf instructions manual that one must install in DigiKam such that
pressing "F1" accesses the manual.
In my 64-bit Windows 7 DigiKam, pressing "F1" to access the "handbook" takes
me online to some KDE Documentation that seems to have nothing whatsoever to
do with DigiKam.
My search for this "DigiKam-docs" download has been unsuccessful, as well as
my search for instructions on how to plug in said documentation should I
find it.
I did find and download a pdf "The DigiKam Handbook", but I cannot figure
out any means of associating it with the "F1" key.
Does anyone know ?
Thanks for reading.

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