Pictures in Tableview not displayed in Thumbnailview

Gurvan Huiban at
Thu Aug 24 07:30:35 BST 2017

Hello, and thanks for your quick reply!

> This is probably the bugzilla entry for your problem :
> Samsung make a mess in Exif metadata and do not follow the standard.

> 1/ use a new account, and run 5.7.0 with a fresh database.
> 2/ import samsung image in your collection and look if image still
> here when scan is completed.
> If it work, report your tests in the bugzilla file.

I will do the test with the digikam version you provided me.

As the patch does not impact a lot of files, do you think the patch would apply 
on the Digikam 5.3 version? So that I could easily re-generate a debian 

> For your original database, we have now a maintenance tool in digiKam
> to clean up the database tables. But i'm not sure if the Samsung case
> is handled in this process. Another test case is to force the database
> to re-read the file metadata. This must be talk in bugzilla as well.

I can also do the test with the patched software: re-reading the metadata, and 
see if everything works.

I will report the results of those tests in the bugzilla. (I am not sure I 
will have time to carry them out before the week-end, though).

> Thanks in advance

Thank you!


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