Pictures in Tableview not displayed in Thumbnailview

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at
Thu Aug 24 06:42:47 BST 2017

This is probably the bugzilla entry for your problem :

Samsung make a mess in Exif metadata and do not follow the standard.

The patch was applied in source code. I'm not sure if it have been
introduced in 5.6.0, but i'm sure about 5.7.0. The Linux AppImage of
current implementation is here :

To solve your issue with the database (and image history tree
registered inside), it a little bit complex. In fact all Samsung image
have the same ID in database. So digiKam is lost.

The best way to check if problem is solved with 5.7.0 :

1/ use a new account, and run 5.7.0 with a fresh database.
2/ import samsung image in your collection and look if image still
here when scan is completed.

If it work, report your tests in the bugzilla file.

For your original database, we have now a maintenance tool in digiKam
to clean up the database tables. But i'm not sure if the Samsung case
is handled in this process. Another test case is to force the database
to re-read the file metadata. This must be talk in bugzilla as well.

Thanks in advance

Gilles Caulier

2017-08-24 7:29 GMT+02:00 Gurvan Huiban < at>:
> Hello Digikam Users,
> A few days ago, the pictures taken with a specific device (a Samsung Cell
> phone) stopped appearing in the Thumbnail view. Those pictures still appear in
> the Table view.
> A few details:
> - I did not have the issue previously, so it is not an "incompatibility";
> - It seems that only pictures from one device are impacted. The pictures from
> my other devices are still visible in the thumbnail view;
> - The files are still present physically on the hard drive and referenced in
> the digikam4.db file;
> - I search the mailing list, I could find another report for a similar issue
> phenomenon (See
> 020638.html ), but I could not find how to solve the issue
> - I am using Digikam 5.3.0 on Debian Stretch.
> Did other people on the list encounter this issue? I do something wrong? If
> not, is there a fix/workaround for the issue? Or does someone has a clue on
> what I could do to ease the investigation?
> Thank you
> Best regards,

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