Pictures in Tableview not displayed in Thumbnailview

Gurvan Huiban at
Thu Aug 24 06:29:52 BST 2017

Hello Digikam Users,

A few days ago, the pictures taken with a specific device (a Samsung Cell 
phone) stopped appearing in the Thumbnail view. Those pictures still appear in 
the Table view.

A few details:

- I did not have the issue previously, so it is not an "incompatibility";

- It seems that only pictures from one device are impacted. The pictures from 
my other devices are still visible in the thumbnail view;

- The files are still present physically on the hard drive and referenced in 
the digikam4.db file;

- I search the mailing list, I could find another report for a similar issue 
phenomenon (See
020638.html ), but I could not find how to solve the issue

- I am using Digikam 5.3.0 on Debian Stretch.

Did other people on the list encounter this issue? I do something wrong? If 
not, is there a fix/workaround for the issue? Or does someone has a clue on 
what I could do to ease the investigation?

Thank you

Best regards,

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