adding face-are without adding person-name as tag

EGore egore at
Thu Aug 17 21:39:42 BST 2017

Hi Marcel,

thanks for your post.

Yes, you're right. I don't want the person to be included in the "normal 
tag", because this leads to very "crowded" tags.

The imported and already tagged photos from picasa don't show the 
persons in the normal tag. Altough when I open these old photos in dK, 
the tags and the faces are displayed correctly.
He shows all the tags and he shows the face-rectangles correctly.

Depending from where you check the tags, only the image tags or the 
image tags including persons are shown (for the old photos).
In thumbnail-view the tags including person are shown.
In properties->digiKam Properties or in Metadata->Keywords only the 
"normal tags" are shown.

If I add new face-rectangles with dK the additional person tag is added 
to the "normal tags". Then I altough see them in properties->digiKam 
Properties or in Metadata->Keywords.
Therefore it seems that dK can handle this kind of saved face-data 
correctly, but is not able to save it in the way it was done before/I 
would prefer. :-/

Best regards

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