adding face-are without adding person-name as tag

EGore egore at
Thu Aug 17 21:51:16 BST 2017


I searched a way to change this behaviour in dK again.

I tumbled again over Metadata->Advanced.
I assume that, if it possible at all, this could be the right place to 
change is.
Maybee it is possible to change the entries in tags->write options for that.
But I don't know how to implement something like a filter here.

Even if it's not possible to change the behaviour the way I want to...
could it be possible to deactivate the whole tag-metadata temporarly 
when adding new face-rectangles or use the face-recognition feature and 
enable it when doing the "normal tagging job" to reach my target?
Cumbersome but better than nothing I think. ;-)

Thanks so far.

Best regards

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