adding face-are without adding person-name as tag

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at
Thu Aug 17 20:20:44 BST 2017

In digikam's database, indeed the assignment of the tag "Peter" is 
prerequisite to storing a face region for Peter at all. It's more like 
assigning the tag is the fundamental action, and the region is metadata for 
this particular image-tag assignment.

If I understand you correctly your problem is that the tag is written to the 
normal tags and you would like not to write person tags into the normal tag 
metadata? I dont think it's implemented.

> Hello everybody,
> I'm new to this list and of course I'm a new dK (5.6) user as well.
> I use dK mostly for organizing my photos more than to edit them. The
> last years I used picasa for this, espacilly because of the face
> recognition.
> I now tried to use face recognition in DK and it seems to work quite
> well. But there is one little detail which is annoying me.
> In Picasa the face tags (x, y, width, height and person-name) were
> written into the Metadata of the file (because I said that picasa has to
> add it into file and not into database). I also used tags for organizing
> the photos like outside, birthday, party, ...
> When I now add a face tag in DK there is Metadata added to the database
> and of course to the file (because I activated it in Settings->Configure
> digiKam->Metadata->Behaviour).
> But additionaly to the Metadata itself the person-name is added to the
> "normal image tags". You can see this in the column "tag" in windows
> explorer for example. So there is not only "outside, garden, birthday"
> the tag is now "outside, garden, birthday, peter, paul, ...".
> I tried to change the settings in Settings->Configure
> digiKam->Metadata->Behaviour and turned "Image tags" of. But then really
> no Image tag is written to file (no "outside, garden, birthday").
> I then tried to turn "Face tags (including face areas)" of. I'm not sure
> if the face tag (x, y, width, height and person-name) is still written
> to file but the person-name is still written to the "normal image tags".
> Does anybody have an idea, how to change this behaviour?
> Thanks in effort.
> Sebastian

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