adding face-are without adding person-name as tag

EGore egore at
Wed Aug 16 18:48:13 BST 2017

Hello everybody,

I'm new to this list and of course I'm a new dK (5.6) user as well.

I use dK mostly for organizing my photos more than to edit them. The 
last years I used picasa for this, espacilly because of the face 

I now tried to use face recognition in DK and it seems to work quite 
well. But there is one little detail which is annoying me.
In Picasa the face tags (x, y, width, height and person-name) were 
written into the Metadata of the file (because I said that picasa has to 
add it into file and not into database). I also used tags for organizing 
the photos like outside, birthday, party, ...
When I now add a face tag in DK there is Metadata added to the database 
and of course to the file (because I activated it in Settings->Configure 
But additionaly to the Metadata itself the person-name is added to the 
"normal image tags". You can see this in the column "tag" in windows 
explorer for example. So there is not only "outside, garden, birthday" 
the tag is now "outside, garden, birthday, peter, paul, ...".

I tried to change the settings in Settings->Configure 
digiKam->Metadata->Behaviour and turned "Image tags" of. But then really 
no Image tag is written to file (no "outside, garden, birthday").
I then tried to turn "Face tags (including face areas)" of. I'm not sure 
if the face tag (x, y, width, height and person-name) is still written 
to file but the person-name is still written to the "normal image tags".

Does anybody have an idea, how to change this behaviour?

Thanks in effort.


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