Drawbacks from appimage version

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Wed Aug 9 15:39:07 BST 2017

Le 09/08/2017 à 16:29, Erick Moreno a écrit :
> Recently I migrated from Philips PPA to AppImage to keep update with 
> latest Digikam versions.
> Since them I'm facing two drawbacks to my workflow and would like to 
> share them to figure out some workaround.
> *The first one is that I can't open files with showphoto outside digikam. *
>        My usual way used be select a file on my disk, right click, open 
> with showfoto, but this is not possible anymore. Now, I must import the 
> file into digikam and only them open with the editor.

you have to link your photos with the appimage and option showphoto, 
mine is:

/home/jdd/Telechargements/digikam/digikam-5.5.0-02-x86-64.appimage showfoto



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