Drawbacks from appimage version

Erick Moreno erickmoreno at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 15:29:37 BST 2017

Recently I migrated from Philips PPA to AppImage to keep update with latest
Digikam versions.

Since them I'm facing two drawbacks to my workflow and would like to share
them to figure out some workaround.

*The first one is that I can't open files with showphoto outside digikam. *
      My usual way used be select a file on my disk, right click, open with
showfoto, but this is not possible anymore. Now, I must import the file
into digikam and only them open with the editor.

*Another thing is: I can't import new Lut3D .png files and make digikam
recognize them.*
      This new problem really bothers me, since I feel like I lost a great
functionality just because I change the way I installed the software.

So guys, any tips or workarounds?

*Erick Moreno*
google.com/+ErickMoreno <https://google.com/+ErickMoreno/about>
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