[Digikam-users] Playing videos in V5

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Sun Jul 24 08:18:07 BST 2016

I know I've asked this before but I am still unable to get anything 
other than sound for videos in digikam.

Initially openSUSE Tumbleweed had the wrong compile options which 
stopped the thumbnail from displaying, this has been resolved and now 
the thumbnails are displayed.

I have asked on the TW forums and had it confirmed by one user there 
that his videos play OK so obviously I am missing something but we have 
compared what we have installed and so far have not found I am missing 
anything. The videos can be played in any player I have installed 
including Totem Kaffeine and VLC so the relevant codecs are installed. I 
have all the relevant gstreamer and QT%Multimedia packages installed. I 
have started digikam from a console window but none of the message which 
appear seem to show any errors.

So what I would appreciate is some help in debugging this to get to the 
root of the what I need to install or configure.

Website: http://www.stella-maris.org.uk
or:      http://www.broadstairs.org

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