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Jim Dory james at
Wed Aug 31 07:24:56 BST 2016

So I'm no longer able, in v. 5.1.0, to resize a photo like I used to. There
no longer seems to be the ability to type a number in. Now one has to reach
for the mouse and try to slide the slider close to where one wants it.. I
wasn't able to get it exactly.. then maybe use the down or up arrows to
fine tune it. The down or up arrows also seem to move only one point at a
time as well - if you hold the mouse on the arrow it would seem that it
would take off moving in that direction several points at a time.. but it

So hoping I'm missing a config or something.. or that being able to type
the size will come back. Definitely on my wish list and at present a big
annoyance for me.

thanks for all your work, really enjoying it otherwise. (Also except now
when I tag, when I type in a search term for a tag.. and the actual tag
pops up in the window above.. I have to click twice now to activate that
tag. Seems that is new.. used to be one click. First click now activates
the window, second click to choose the tag. One more step but I might get
used to that one.. not the resize thing though.)

thanks, Jim
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