digiKam in a dual-boot system?

Carsten Fuchs carsten.fuchs at cafu.de
Mon Aug 22 10:11:53 BST 2016

Hi Christoph,

Am 2016-08-21 um 12:17 schrieb Christoph Huckle:
> The Albums are on a server and are then mounted in
> different ways on both machines. I modified the entries in the
> "AlbumRoots" as follows:
> networkshareid:?mountpath=/home/christoph/Photos/2014&&mountpath=/Volumes/Photos/2014

Thanks, that's looking very interesting!
Do you know if it is digiKam itself that deals with the "&&" (or "&"?), 
or is it anything else, e.g. in the OS's network code?
If it was digiKam, the same approach might work with AlbumRoots such as


(I still have to try...)

Based on this, I did some further searching and found this thread:

The same problem is discussed there, and I very much agree with Andrew 
Goodbody's suggestion that AlbumRoots should be kept in the digikamrc file.

Will further check this out and post updates here.  :)

Best regards,

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