[Digikam-users] First official digiKam PKG installer for OSX...

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu May 28 15:05:36 BST 2015

2015-05-28 15:52 GMT+02:00 CD.Graesser <cd.graesser at gmail.com>:

> Great work.
> Can you please advice whether an uninstall  of previous macport Digikam
> 4.8 is needed?
This installer copy all relevant file in /opt/digikam. This want mean that
it can be installed in parallel of standard macports which is placed to

What are the prerequisites for the pkg install, and what are the steps. A
> step by step install guide would be great.

PKG file have been built under OSX Yosemite. It's 64 bits version. I don't
tested with older OSX 64 bits releases.

There is nothing special to install. Follow assistant steps. There is
nothing to set in special cases.

The only missing part is hugin to make panorama. I remember that older
hugin version are not compilable through Macports, but i will try see if
this state has changed now. If it work, i will include it into next 4.11.0
PKG. Else, installing Hugin through offcial PKG work fine here...


Gilles Caulier
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