[Digikam-users] video resizing

wolheis wolheis at web.de
Thu May 28 20:17:37 BST 2015

I use digikam 3.5.0. on opensuse 13.1, but in its Gnome 3 flavor.
In my library I have JPGs of course, but also MOVs. I have the
impression that digikam is not really made to deal with video as well,
for 2 reasons:

-frequently when I browse through my library in the "preview image"
mode, digikam crashes when selecting a video, or an image or another
video after a video. This happens about every 3rd time, the other times
preview of the video works fine.

-I usually browse through the images quickly just to apply a rating
(btw, it would be great not to have to hit CTRL+1 to 5 but just 1 to 5,
like in shotwell for example)

-I have been looking for a feature to reduce the size of a movie, but
couldnt find any, neither in the Tools menu nor in the Base Tools of the
Batch manager. Can anybody point me to where I should be looking if that
feature exists? I need it to reduce the size to upload on an online
image gallery.


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