[Digikam-users] Tags Questions

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Tue May 19 21:09:14 BST 2015

Running 4.10

If I select People in the left sidebar I see People and all of the 
defined people tags in hierarchy under it as expected, but on the same 
level as People I see Events (not sure if this is standard or if I 
created it) and under Events I see a few of the tags I have defined 
under events.  I do not understand why Events show up at all in the 
People view.  Have I made an error when defining these tags? If I select 
any of these tags then there are no pictures associated with them in the 
People view, if I select these tags in Tags view I see the pictures I 

Also when manually tagging people the drop down list allows selection 
from all tags.  Should this not be restricted to just People tags?


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