[Digikam-users] Current Lightroom user looking to switch

Guðbjartur Kristófersson gk at mr.is
Thu May 7 10:55:08 BST 2015

I have digiKam only  running on MS W7 but also tried to set it up on MacBoo
Air Yosemite but in wain.
My story:

At start I put the database on USB 2T drive H:\digiKam\

And Collection on removable media H\0_digital_images

Under the mother folder H\0_digital_images are all my sub folder with images

It took digiKam some minutes to scan the sub folders before the thumbnails
showed up in the Album Pane and Workspace

Later I have put in new sub folders with images and renamed some - for
digiKam it seem to be OK and the program takes a minute or two to
reorganize the albums.

I am only using digiKam a database and behind it I am working with
Photoshop/illustrator Adobe CS5.

On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:06 AM, <digikam at 911networks.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm a Lightroom user that's looking for an exit. Lightroom is my last
> Windows application (that I run under vmware). Everything has moved to
> Linux except for LR.
> * Is there a document or some writeup on how to move from LR to dK
>   for the main operations?
> * I have an existing directory ~/library with dozens of
>   sub-directories with all my photos (~30 thousand). All the photos
>   have their XMP, about 700Gb worth. Do I move them directory by
>   directory or dK can "suck it" in. How would I set that up?
> --
> sknahT
> vyS
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