[Digikam-users] Files won't display and/or open in editor

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Tue Jan 27 00:18:55 GMT 2015

I have a large TIF file, 145mb.  It shows in the brower view just fine, but it won't open in the editor.  (I think there 
was a posting a few weeks ago on this or something very similar.)  It shows and opens just fine in Picassa, Irfanview, 
and other programs.

I converted it and saved it to a PNG format.  In the digiKam browser view, there's that balloon placeholder image.  I 
then also converted it to TIF, again, and JPEG.  These show up in the browser view, but just like the original TIF, they 
won't open in the editor.

Windows running dK 4.5.0.

Paul Verizzo

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