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Florian Hennig flo.hennig at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 10:48:52 GMT 2015

No the patch only allows to group the images. For tagging my current 
workaround is to tag all the .jpg files of the group and then copy the 
tags to the Raw file (nef in my case) using exivtool:

exiftool -TagsFromFile ./%f.JPG -all:all -r -overwrite_original -ext NEF ./

(if the raw and jpg files are in the same folder, if not change the path 
at the end of the command to something like ../nef/)

Back in digikam you have to select the updated images and select 
"Image->Reread Metadata from Image" to update the metadata. But there is 
one disadvantage in this method: the Raw images do not have the right 
orientation anymore. Maybe some exivtool gurus out here know what to do 
to avoid that.


On 27.01.2015 11:00, Mick Sulley wrote:
> I have most of my pictures as .jog and .cr2  I have generally only
> tagged the .jpg so it would be great if I could copy all metadata from
> .jpg to the corresponding .cr2  Would this allow me to do that?
> On 26/01/15 22:04, Ulf Rompe wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we would like to get some feedback on a patch we have been working on
>> for quite some time now. It introduces a configurable "group by
>> filename" action to the album view which lets you automatically
>> combine files with matching name parts into a group.
>> A filename based grouping feature is key for our workflow, and we
>> could imagine lots of use cases for other people's workflows. In fact,
>> we found the feature request we attached the patch to after
>> implementing a first version for our own purpose, so it seems there is
>> at least some demand for it.
>> Find a short screencast of the current functionality here:
>> https://plus.google.com/107260423308980038020/posts/GgpPK27Y3fq
>> As you can see, there are three configuration options:
>>  1. The default setting is set up to combine RAW and JPEG files. If
>>     you have 123.nef and 123.jpg in your current selection, they will
>>     be grouped, leaving 123.jpg on top.
>>  2. The second option configures grouping of files featuring common
>>     appendices added by well known image editors. If you have, for
>>     example, some of 123.jpg, 123_v1.jpg, 123-Edit.jpg,
>>     123_shotwell.jpg and "123 (edited).jpg" in your current selection,
>>     they will be grouped.
>>  3. The third option is for advanced users, giving you the option to
>>     manually tweak the expression used for the matching. The editable
>>     pulldown is already populated with the expressions used to realize
>>     the two options described above as well as an example that
>>     implements our very own grouping logic. Whatever you try here, the
>>     previous state will always be remembered and accessible through
>>     the pulldown. Just fool around and see what happens.
>> Technically, this feature is implemented as a patch against digiKam
>> core. While we would have loved to implement it as a plugin, we didn't
>> find a way to hook a plugin into the album view and the context menu.
>> The flexible matching part is based on the popular regular expression
>> syntax. Gilles, we know you are not a fan of regular expressions, but
>> we couldn't think of another way to achieve a flexible matcher like
>> this without overcomplicating things. We just hope that if you would
>> totally hate regular expressions you would have closed the feature
>> request #318357 before someone accepted the challenge to work on it.
>> Of course, the offer I made in my comment to the G+ post above still
>> holds.
>> While we consider the patch ready for prime time now, we would like to
>> hear:
>>  1. Is the UI intuitive enough, especially from a KDE point of view?
>>  2. Could you think of other predefined grouping options than the two
>>     introduced above? Of course we would like to serve most users with
>>     easy defaults, leaving the manual expression editing to power users.
>>  3. Would it be realistic to get the feature into digiKam in the near
>>     future?
>> Best regards, Ulf
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