[Digikam-users] Geolocation - how to add/edit

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Tue Dec 1 14:06:04 GMT 2015

On Tuesday 01 December 2015 13:36:59 Mick Sulley wrote:
> I have a feeling I am missing something here.  If I select a picture 
> which does not have any geo data tehn the right hand panel is almost 
> blank, a bit of what looks like a map in top left of the panel, the Map 
> / Satellite and + - buttons do nothing, no way to enter anything.  If I 
> drag and drop the image I get a 'no entry' symbol and it does nothing.
> If I select an image which does have geo data then the map is displayed 
> and the Map / Satellite and + - buttons work (not very well but they 
> work), still cannot drag & drop but I guess that is expected.  If I then 
> select the original image again the map is still displayed but no 
> buttons work.
> Is there some add on that I am missing?  I have Kipi plugins installed 
> an all enabled.

What you might be missing is that the right hand panel is for *viewing* the 
geolocation data of an image. On selection an image, the map view zooms in 
rather strongly (2 steps from maximum), so you only see a very small part 
of the map (and some parts of openstreetmap aren't all that detailed).

To *add* or modify geolocation data you would have to use the "Geolocation" 
item from the "Image" menu. In the geolocation window, you have again 
several right-hand tabs. For me, that window opens in the "GPS Correlator" 
tab. To edit details for an image, I have to switch to the "Details" tab, 
*and* select an image from the image list in the main panel (double click 
works). Once that's done, all fields become selectable/editable. (Don't 
forget to "apply" once you are ready to save the changes)


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