[Digikam-users] Problem importing pick labels

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 18:00:56 BST 2015

Q :

How are stored Pick Label in XMP sidecar ? Can you provide a JPG+XMP
file samples to test here ?

Which libkexiv2 and Exiv2 shared libraries you use ? Go to
Help/Components info for details.

Gilles Caulier

2015-04-13 18:51 GMT+02:00  <b-misc at gmx.ch>:
> Hi list,
> My setup: my photo collection is stored on my main machine, digikam is
> configured to store all metadata only in xmp sidecar files. In order to be
> able to work on parts of it also en route I copy certain folders to my laptop,
> modify ratings and pick labels there and re-sync the xmp files afterwards.
> Then I select Reread Metadata From Image for the related pictures.
> I remember that this setup/workflow worked for quite a while, but now it seems
> broken, ratings are well synchronized, but pick labels are not. Is there
> anything I do wrong, have there been changes to the metadata handling?
> (If I modify the pick label in digikam, it is instantaneously changed in the
> xmp file; if I change it in the xmp file and click on Reread Metadata... It
> doesn't change in digikam.)
> I'm running digikam 4.4 on Debian Testing/Jessie.
> Thanks for your help & best regards!
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