[Digikam-users] Problem importing pick labels

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Mon Apr 13 17:51:07 BST 2015

Hi list,

My setup: my photo collection is stored on my main machine, digikam is 
configured to store all metadata only in xmp sidecar files. In order to be 
able to work on parts of it also en route I copy certain folders to my laptop, 
modify ratings and pick labels there and re-sync the xmp files afterwards. 
Then I select Reread Metadata From Image for the related pictures.

I remember that this setup/workflow worked for quite a while, but now it seems 
broken, ratings are well synchronized, but pick labels are not. Is there 
anything I do wrong, have there been changes to the metadata handling?

(If I modify the pick label in digikam, it is instantaneously changed in the 
xmp file; if I change it in the xmp file and click on Reread Metadata... It 
doesn't change in digikam.)

I'm running digikam 4.4 on Debian Testing/Jessie.

Thanks for your help & best regards!
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