[Digikam-users] Problem importing pick labels

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Tue Apr 14 17:59:59 BST 2015

I've already tested it with several photos, the problem seems to be
absolutely reproducible.

Library versions:
libkexiv2: 2.3.2
Exiv2: 0.24

The problem shows also up if I change the pick label entry in the xmp
sidecar file manually with a text editor, digikam doesn't notice the
change, but if I change it in digikam, the xmp is changed.

More details about my workflow (might also be interesting for others
reading this thread):

I run a main machine at home and a laptop, both setup with Debian
Testing/Jessie. My main machine holds my central photo archive (and is
backed up regularly). Digikam is configured to read and write from/to
xmp sidecar files only (also very useful for the backups because the
large image files do never change).

After a weekend taking photos, I import them on my main machine. Maybe I
already start with ratings, tags, comments, ... If I want to delete
photos, I do that right away.

If I know that I'll have some time e.g. during a trip by train, I copy
one or more folders to my laptop. Then I change ratings or pick labels
(red: photo should be deleted later, yellow: needs some editing), add
comments, ... To sync that work back later, I just copy the xmp sidecar
files back and force digikam to update its internal database. I don't
need a more sophisticated two-way synchronization and this happens only
a few times a year.

To avoid coming back from holidays with several thousands of photos,
maybe many of them not worth keeping them for longer, I started to take
my laptop with me and try to apply a first quick & dirty triage (also
using ratings and pick labels (red for delete, really useful!)). Back
home I import all photos directly from my camera onto my main machine
and also copy all xmp sidecar files from the laptop to it.

For me this workflow has proven to be very useful and simple and I can
recommend it to others with the same problem.

On Monday 13 April 2015 19.00:56 Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Q :
> How are stored Pick Label in XMP sidecar ? Can you provide a JPG+XMP
> file samples to test here ?
> Which libkexiv2 and Exiv2 shared libraries you use ? Go to
> Help/Components info for details.
> Gilles Caulier
> 2015-04-13 18:51 GMT+02:00  <b-misc at gmx.ch>:
> > Hi list,
> > 
> > My setup: my photo collection is stored on my main machine, digikam is
> > configured to store all metadata only in xmp sidecar files. In order to be
> > able to work on parts of it also en route I copy certain folders to my
> > laptop, modify ratings and pick labels there and re-sync the xmp files
> > afterwards. Then I select Reread Metadata From Image for the related
> > pictures.
> > 
> > I remember that this setup/workflow worked for quite a while, but now it
> > seems broken, ratings are well synchronized, but pick labels are not. Is
> > there anything I do wrong, have there been changes to the metadata
> > handling?
> > 
> > (If I modify the pick label in digikam, it is instantaneously changed in
> > the xmp file; if I change it in the xmp file and click on Reread
> > Metadata... It doesn't change in digikam.)
> > 
> > I'm running digikam 4.4 on Debian Testing/Jessie.
> > 
> > Thanks for your help & best regards!
> > 
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