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Dear Simon, 

Thank for this tip. 
It generates a JPEG file but unfortunately the image looks like pink filter, the colors are altered and are not good like I can see in Digikam preview. 

More details : 
The CR2 image looks good in Digikam album viewer 
The CR2 image looks bad (too pink) in Image Editor 
And the JPEG image generated by your solution looks like in Image Editor. 

Thank you, 


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1. Select the photos you want converted in the main window. 
2. Click on the 'Batch Queue Manager' - you should see the selected 
photos in the left panel 
3. In the control panel select "Convert to JPEG" 
4. Select any other adjustment required then RUN Batch Queue (top left 

On 28/11/14 08:46, seb.vallet at laposte.net wrote: 
> Hello, 
> I tried something with digikam without success 
> I thought it is simple but I failed to find the solution 
> So I am here to ask you some advice... 
> I use Digikam 2.5 with a Canon 100D. 
> Unfortunately I took some pictures in CR2 format. 
> It was a mistake 
> And now I want to get the images in JPG. 
> But I am not interested by a sophisticated method for RAW processing. 
> As the CR2 images look like a charm directly in Digikam album viewer, so 
> I think it should be a simple way to convert them in JPEG. 
> Do you know how can i do it ? 
> Thank you in advance for your help. 
> Sebastien 
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Cheers Simon 

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